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Are deposits at fintech companies protected by esisuisse?

No. Fintech companies are only obliged to participate in the deposit insurance scheme if their business activities require them to hold a banking or securities dealing licence. This is not typically the case. Consequently, these companies are not members of esisuisse, and the funds they may receive are not covered by the deposit insurance scheme.

Under the applicable laws, fintech companies may accept public deposits to only a limited extent. However, they are required to comply with a duty to provide information to their customers. All customers must be informed in advance that the deposits are not covered by esisuisse (Article 6 (2) (c) (2) of the Ordinance on Banks and Savings Banks – BankO respectively Article 7 (a) of the BankO). List  of persons licensed by FINMA pursuant to Article 1b BA (Fintech licence).

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