The focus of work in the esisuisse office is dealing with ongoing business and coordinating incidents when protection is required.

The threads of a host of projects and working parties come together in Basel and are dealt with and coordinated here. esisuisse contributes to the ongoing development of deposit insurance in Switzerland and is the first point of contact for questions relating to deposit insurance. The esisuisse office responds to enquiries from bank customers, the media and elsewhere. It prepares the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting of Members and puts the resolutions passed by the governing bodies into practice. Around 6 FTEs take care of esisuisse's work.

Gregor Frey


Stefanie Speck

Assistant CEO

Siro Imber

Legal & Compliance

Sacha Bernasconi


Lucas Metzger

Senior Advisor

Dominique Bachmann

Finance & IT

Kathrin Birrer


Adrian Kohler

Media responsible

Lena Leppert

Projects & Communication

Vera Bösch

Projects & Communication