Facts and figures

Shares of protected deposits

Deposits are credit balances that customers hold in bank accounts or at securities firms. They are covered by the deposit insurance scheme up to CHF 100 000 per customer and per bank. As at 31.12.2022, the banks and securities firms reported approximately CHF 504 billion in protected deposits (the figures as at 31.12.2023 had not been supplied to esisuisse by FINMA at the time this report was written). The protected deposits are distributed among the institutions as follows:


Since 2016, members also include institutes about to cease operations. As at 31.12.2023, esisuisse had 257 members (235 active banks, 18 active account-holding securities firms, 4 banks about to cease operations). The partial revision of the Banking Act meant that the membership of non-account-holding securities firms ended when the new regulations took effect on 01.01.2023. For the first time, these are no longer included in the statistics.