Protection of Swiss bank deposits

esisuisse is a self-regulatory organisation for banks in Switzerland. All banks with a branch in Switzerland must be members of esisuisse. esisuisse is a private association with its registered office and office in Basel.

Goals of the deposit insurance

Protect money against the risk of loss

It aims to protect the general public’s money against the risk of loss in the event of a bank’s bankruptcy.

Strengthen confidence in the financial system

It strengthens confidence in the financial system and thus prevents a bank run.

Protection of bank clients in Switzerland

If the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA initiates bankruptcy proceedings against a bank, FINMA appoints a liquidator to liquidate the bank. The liquidator uses the proceeds from the sale of the bank’s assets to pay creditor claims, to the extent possible.

The bank’s liquidator appointed by FINMA uses the bank’s available liquidity to quickly pay out the protected deposits. esisuisse quickly advances payment for the protected deposits if the bank has insufficient liquidity available. The banks make a maximum of CHF 6 billion available to esisuisse for this purpose.

The deposit insurance scheme ensures quick disbursement at the start of the liquidation procedure. In this way, clients remain financially able to act even in the event that their bank becomes bankrupt.

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What are deposits?

Deposits are client balances on accounts held at banks.

Who is classed as a client?

All clients (private and corporate) of banks are protected by deposit insurance scheme: Natural persons (adults, children) and legal entities.

Is my money that I hold at my bank protected?

Deposits at banks that operate a branch in Switzerland authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA are covered by the deposit insurance scheme. This includes the cantonal banks and PostFinance.

Deposits at foreign banks are also covered, provided the deposits are booked with a branch in Switzerland that is authorised as a bank by FINMA. Deposits that are booked to a foreign branch of a Swiss bank are not protected by the deposit insurance scheme, but they are classed as preferential up to a limit of CHF 100 000.

Is my bank deposit protected?